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NECA Aliens 7 Scale Action Figure Series 5 Genocide Alien Red Action Figure Series 5 in NECA's best-selling Alien action figure collection includes Lt. Ellen Ripley Bishop (Queen Attack) and black and red versions of the Xenomorph Warri ...
£19.73 See offer
Halo Reach Series 5 2 Packs Spartan Gungnir Figure & 3 Sets of Armour (Steel) Action Figure The Spartan Gungnir and Steel Armor Pack is unbelievable! Includes one base Spartan action figure and four complete sets of helmet shoulders and chest plates. A ...
£18.86 See offer
Halo Reach Series 5 2 Packs Spartan Gungnir Figure & 3 Sets of Armour (Sage) Action Figure The Spartan Gungnir and Sage Armor Pack is unbelievable! Includes one base Spartan action figure and four complete sets of helmet shoulders and chest plates. Al ...
£18.86 See offer
Funko Legacy Figure Fallout Power Armor Action Figure (Blister Pack) Just in time for Fallout 4 comes these new Fallout Legacy figures! The Power Armor from Fallout 3 is ready to take on the post-nuclear wasteland! Fully articula ...
£15.16 See offer
Reaction Star Trek Spock Figure Action Figure (9.5cm) Boldly collect what no man has collected before! Featuring the likeness of Leonard Nimoy in a simplified retro Kenner format this Spock ReAction retro action fi ...
£12.98 See offer
Pop TV Walking Dead Morgan Action Figure 308 Vinyl Figure POP TV: Walking Dead - Morgan from Funko! Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Check out the other POP figures from Funko! Collect them ...
£11.94 See offer
£24.33 See offer
£23.62 See offer
Batman Arkham Knight Robin Action Figure (17cm) From the popular Batman: Arkham Knight videogame Catwoman Commissioner Gordon Nightwing and Robin come to life in these new action figures based on their appear ...
£22.90 See offer
Scarface Tony Montana White Suit 7 inch Action Figure For the first time fully realistic versions of Scarface are presented in the 7 format. The infamous Tony Montana is re-created as a 7 figure in either blue or w ...
£17.78 See offer
Bruce Lee 266 Figma Action Figure (15cm) From Max Factory. As part of the 75th-anniversary of Bruce Lee's birthday the legendary action star has come back as a figma to show off his moves once again! U ...
£42.11 See offer
A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3 Dream Warriors Freddy Clothed Action Figure (20cm) Freddy stands 8 tall and is dressed in fabric clothing similar to the iconic toy lines of the 1970s. He's fully poseable and truly terrifying just lift his swea ...
£20.90 See offer
Reaction Terminator 2 Sarah Connor Action Figure (9.5cm) open in new window Terminator 2 - Sarah Connor! Retro Kenner format! Figure has 5 points of articulation and features the 1980s style card back design.
£9.51 See offer
Assassins Creed Series Assassin Adewale Action Figure 15cm open in new window Measures approximately 6 tall * Includes: machete and blunderbuss * Also includes exclusive content for the video game * Officially licensed * Brand new
£15.52 See offer
Batman Justice League Action Figure open in new window DC Universe Justice League - New 52 Batman Action Figure
£20.59 See offer
Batman Arkham Knight Azrael Action Figure (17cm) From the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight video game Azrael Professor Pyg and Man-Bat come to life in these new action figures based on their appearance ...
£18.85 See offer
Batman The Animated Series Batman Action Figure (15cm) Continue your animated Batman collection with these great figures! Choose from Batgirl Batman The Riddler and The Penguin. Figures come with show-specific acces ...
£28.20 See offer
Gears Of War Judgment Damon Baird Action Figure 18cm open in new window Gears Of War 3 Series 2 Damon Baird Action Figure: Damon Baird from Gears of War figure from Neca.
£17.97 See offer
£89.94 See offer
Super Mario Figuarts Mario Pvc Action Figure At long last Tamashii Nations is proud to introduce the world's first fully possible adult collectible of Super Mario! Highly advanced S.H.Figuarts articulation ...
£21.83 See offer
£27.25 See offer
Iron Maiden Clothed Mummy Eddie Action Figure 20cm Based on the poster and program artwork from their groundbreaking 1984-1985 World Slavery Tour this 8" tall Eddie features real metal chains that can be connect ...
£20.93 See offer
The Amazing Spiderman 2 Triple Attack Figure With Action Weapon Spider-Man has some new crime-fighting tricks up his sleeve! Spidey has enhanced his abilities with a high-voltage dose of villain-blasting power and 3 modes of ...
£28.68 See offer
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figure Dog Pound toys With more than 12 points of articulation these action figures are the most highly detailed and articulated Turtle figures ever made! Each turtle figure is uniqu ...
£10.64 See offer
Planet Of The Apes Classic Clothed George Taylor Action Figure (20cm) Retro action figure fans will rejoice at our latest offering: a brand new George Taylor doll based on the beloved 1968 film Planet of the Apes and featuring the ...
£26.58 See offer
The Walking Dead Tv Series 9 Tdog Action Figure (15cm) open in new window
£18.17 See offer
£17.33 See offer
The Walking Dead Comic Book Series 4 Carl Grimes Action Figure Battle hardened from the loss of life around him Carl Grimes was forced to grow up fast in this zombie-ridden apocalyptic world. Carl continues to be one of the ...
£17.53 See offer
£13.05 See offer
Terminator Genysis T800 Guardian Action Figure (18cm) open in new window The older Guardian T-800 is sculpted with the likeness of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and comes with Remington shotgun accessory.
£19.46 See offer
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Action Figures

... consider before buying [Tips]Accessories and Tie-Ins Practically any action figure has a load of optional features you can buy. Although this obviously will make the toy more expensive, it usually translates to additional play time ...

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GI Joe toys

... pistol, goggles, helmet, and backpack. Scarlet was the first female action figure in the G.I. Joe line. The 25th Anniversary Counter Intelligence figure comes with weapons and a stand for displaying the figure. Cobra is G.I. Joe’s ...

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WWE toys

... kilts and boots. Rey Mysterio is a masked wrestling character, so any action figure should come complete with his mask. This 3-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion will add an exciting element to your collection. With the Flexforce action ...

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