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Long Botswana Agate Gemstones Silver Necklace Made in Britain Make a statement with this One of a kind uni ... CATHERINE MARCHE JEWELLERY In stock
£185.00 See offer
Long Turquoise Agate Stone Necklace A long turquoise pendant necklace featuring stunning semi-precious turquoise agate stones. This long turquoise pendant also arrives gift wrapped at no extra c ... CHERRY & JOY Low stock
£24.00 See offer
Long Agate And Gold Necklace Made in Britain This unique and delicate necklace is full of ... BROX ROCKS In stock
£45.00 See offer
Black Agate Druzy Stone And Tassel Necklace Long Statement Necklace Valetines Day Gift Stunning black gold dipped agate stone with matching tassel. Sparkly druzy stone pendant with hanging black tassel. Great for layering with other favorites , ... ETSY MADISONHONEYVINTAGE
£24.00+ Delivery: £2.00 See offer
Long Gemstone Necklace Vintage Crackle Agate Purple Glass This stunning long gemstone necklace is a beautiful vintage item. The bright stones appear to be a mix of crackle agate and aurora borealis coated purple glass. ... ETSY RETAINREUSE
£22.00+ Delivery: £4.50 See offer
Long necklace Black necklace White necklace Silk tassel necklace Agate necklace Black onyx necklace Elegant necklace Black and white Long necklace, Black necklace, White necklace, Silk tassel necklace, Agate necklace, Matte black onyx necklace, Elegant necklace, Black and white, Crown necklac ... ETSY GENTLECOLORSJEWELRY
£32.00+ Delivery: £4.00 See offer
Silver Leaf Dimple Necklace Minimalist Boho Gypsy Long Lauering Jewelry Hammered Metal Tree Agate Simple Everday Jewellery Welcome to Unorthodox Gems! Governed by a wanderlust soul and an eye for natures beauty, Unorthodox Gems is handmade jewellery inspired by adventure. This mini ... ETSY UNORTHODOXGEMS
£11.99+ Delivery: £2.99 See offer
Pilgrim Gold plated blue two pendants necklace Blue Wonderful long necklace with a large eye-catching pendant. The pendant is a gorgeous bezel set blue lapis lazuli. The necklace is gold plated but it is also ava ... PILGRIM
£20.00+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
Pilgrim Rose gold rose two pendant necklace Pink Long necklace with a large eye-catching bezel set rose quartz pendant. The necklace is rose gold coloured but it is also available in silver plated and grey aga ... PILGRIM
£39.99+ Delivery: £3.50 See offer
Millennium Panache pearl and agate necklace Orchira's Elite long pearl necklace design Millennium Panache, hand strung with silver colour near round pearls decorated with large Botswana mbrown lace agates ... ORCHIRA
£580.00 See offer
Vision of Venus pearl and agate necklace Orchira's stylish and sleek design Vision of Venus. Long pearl necklace spaced with large Grey lace Botswana agate discs, white agate discs and grey faceted ag ... ORCHIRA
£329.00 See offer
Indigo Deco pearl necklace Orchira's stylish and sleek design Indigo Deco. Dyed blue baroque pearls with white long Biwa pearls spaced with blue agate beads long necklace. Dark and Royal ... ORCHIRA
£239.99 See offer
Last One Left Rose Quartz Heart Long Necklace Made in Britain A stunning Limited Edition piece of just 4 m ... CLUTCH AND CLASP Low stock
£149.00 See offer
Orchira Colourful Pearl Long Necklace Dream Blue This wonderful Long necklace with pearls and gemstone will add a touch of elegance to any outfit this season. The classic pearl, timeless and sophisticated, is ... ORCHIRA PEARLS
£79.00+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Orissa Necklace & Earrings Set Reflecting the metalwork produced in Orissa towards the end of the 19th century agate and lapis beads with silver­plated enamelled beads.Necklace 18" l ... MUSEUM SELECTION
£41.00 See offer
Lapidary Gemstone Necklace Endless necklace combining freshwater pearls with semi­precious stones representing truth morality and clarity inspired by the lapidaries of the Middle Ages ... MUSEUM SELECTION
£95.00 See offer
Crystal & Agate Necklace open in new window Cubes of agate mixed with smoky crystals chase along this endless necklace. 100cm long. PIA
£20.00 See offer
Faceted Agate Necklace Bronzy Droplet Necklace Multicolour Necklace Ceramic Necklace Hematite Necklace Semi Precious Stone Necklace. This necklace is just lovely and very unusual. I have made it using 8mm faceted cracked agate in various colours of blue, teal, fuchsia, brown, pink and green. ... ETSY DAWNSNEESBYJEWELLERY
£28.34+ Delivery: £1.86 See offer
Moss Agate Necklace & Earrings Attractive necklace reflecting the popularity of agates in Victorian jewellery. Moss agate is a form of chalcedony which includes minerals of a green colour emb ... MUSEUM SELECTION
£112.00 See offer
Carved Semi­precious Stone necklace Beautiful necklace inspired by a carved carnelian Roman example now in the Walters Art Museum.Carved semi­precious beads including cherry quartz onyx jasper ... MUSEUM SELECTION
£115.00 See offer
Cleopatras Obsession pearl necklace One of Orchira's master piece design in Couture collection. Long necklace Cleopatra's obsession. Small grey pearls hand made into hoops to link with white coin ... ORCHIRA
£999.00 See offer
Four Seasons Necklace Our elegant 2­strand necklace combines smooth and faceted stones and recalls the lustrous enamels in the ?Four Seasons? jewel box designed by Louis Comfort ... MUSEUM SELECTION
£99.99 See offer
Orissa Necklace Reflecting the metalwork produced in Orissa towards the end of the 19th century agate and lapis beads with silver­plated enamelled beads.Necklace 18" l ... MUSEUM SELECTION
£29.99 See offer
Druzy Agate Slice Necklace Bring out your inner rock chick with this unusual, beautiful druzy agate slice necklace. This stunning necklace features a gorgeous organic slice of agate, ed ... MAGPIE LIVING Low stock
£46.00+ Delivery: £2.75 See offer
Fearne Silver Gold And Beady Necklace Made in Britain Sterling silver long chain necklace with an ... HARRY ROCKS In stock
£144.00 See offer
Gold Moth Pendant With Agate Beads Made in Britain This beautiful necklace features a gold sate ... DYNASTY In stock
£69.00 See offer
Woodland Semi­precious Necklace Charming necklace echoing a 19th­century carved­stone brooch.Freshwater pearls and moss agate stones with carved rhyolite pendant silver clasp.18" ... MUSEUM SELECTION
£65.00 See offer
Druzy Baby You Rock My World Necklace Gun metal druzy & gold statement necklace by Chupi ? A fabulous statement piece, Druzy is formed when tiny sparkling quartz crystals form on a piece of agat ... CHUPI In stock
£69.00 See offer
Lemon Sorbet Two Tone Tassel Necklace The Lemon Two Tone Tassel Necklace is hand crafted from polished yellow jade and golden yellow agate gemstone beads embellished with a two tone golden lemon ye ... ELIZABETH RAINE
£150.00 See offer
BluePurple Semi Precious Stone Long Necklace A stunning handmade semi-precious stone necklace with amethist and blue lace agate This beautiful necklace is handmade in South Africa, it has many semi-preci ... EXCLUSIVE ROOTS In stock
£55.00+ Delivery: £1.75 See offer
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