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Air League Solar Wind 5ft Air Hockey Table Model: Air League Solar Wind 5ft Air Hockey Table Table size: 60" (L) x 30" (W) x 31" (H) Description: The Air League Solar Wind 5ft Air Hockey Table is a great ... AIR LEAGUE
£79.95 See offer
Mightymast 7ft Revolver 3in1 Pool Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table The Mightymast 7ft Revolver 3-in-1 table lets you play a great game of pool, air hockey or table tennis all on one simple to use game table, ideal for rooms whe ... MIGHTYMAST LEISURE LTD
£579.00 See offer
Mightymast Typhoon 2in1 Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table Boasting a detachable tennis board to quickly change the game at any time, this table features a powerful fan motor for smooth play action, an electronic score ... MIGHTYMAST
£172.99 See offer
Gamesson Shark 4ft Air Hockey In an arcade, the Air Hockey table is usually one of the most used pieces of kit. The little ones are most keen on them, but they struggle with adult size table ... BEX
£119.99+ Delivery: £6.00 See offer
MightyMast 7ft REVOLVER 3in1 Pool Air Table Tennis Table MIGHTYMAST 7ft REVOLVER 3-in-1 Pool / Air Hockey / Table Tennis Game The Mightymast 7ft REVOLVER 3-in-1 Pool / Air Hockey / Table Tennis Game is for the disc ... MIGHTYMAST
£594.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Gamesson 3ft Wasp Air Hockey Table Gamesson 3ft Wasp Air Hockey Table The Gamesson 3ft Wasp Air Hockey Table is perfect for indoor family use, the table ways around 7kg so it can be set up alm ... GAMESSON
£49.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Dunlop Air Hockey Table Dunlop Air Hockey Table The Dunlop Air Hockey Table is great fun for both adults and kids and is perfect for challenging your friends to a match in your home ... DUNLOP
£47.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Air League 4ft Hockey Table The Air League 4ft Hockey Table is a great game table for the entry level player. This table is fast, durable and sturdy. At around 79cm high it is the ideal t ... AIR LEAGUE
£54.99 See offer
Walker & Simpson 6ft Pool & Air Hockey Combination Table We are delighted to offer this Walker & Simpson Pool and Air Hockey combination table. All Walker & Simpson tables are made with the highest quality materials t ... WALKER & SIMPSON
£289.99 See offer
Air King Slider 5ft Air Hockey Table The Slider Air Hockey Table has been professionally designed and manufactured with safety and strength in mind. The large playing surface is powered by a sing ... AIR KING
£79.99 See offer
Body Sculpture 2 In 1 6Ft Swivel Billiard &Amp Air Hockey Table Body Sculpture 2 IN 1 6FT Swivel Billiard & Air Hockey Table Transform any room in your home into the complete games room with this 2-in-1 Billiard and Air ... BODY SCULPTURE
£509.99+ Delivery: £6.99 See offer
Bentley 4ft Air Hockey Sports Table Powered by 240v motorIncludes 2 pushers2 pucksManual slide scorerSelf assemblyMaterial: MDF, PE12 months guaranteeDimensions: Width 62cm x Length 122.4cm x Heig ...
£75.00 See offer
BCE 5ft Air Hockey Table BCE 5ft Air Hockey Table The BCE 5 foot Air Hockey table provides one of the most addictive two player games available. The table features a powerful 240v el ... BCE
£94.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Dunlop 6ft Air Hockey Table Dunlop 6ft Air Hockey Table The Dunlop 6ft Air Hockey Table is a very stylish table, it is perfect for home use. This table comes with independent leg levell ... DUNLOP
£200.00+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
BCE 6ft Air Hockey Table BCE 6ft Air Hockey Table The BCE 6ft Air Hockey Table is perfect both for home users and schools, as it is a part of the rock solid games range. It weighs 4 ... BCE
£230.00+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
MightyMast 4ft Whirlwind Air Hockey Table Mightymast 4ft Whirlwind Air Hockey Table The Mightymast 4ft Whirlwind Air Hockey Table 4 feet electric air hockey game with smart eye-catching exterior gra ... MIGHTYMAST
£64.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Air King Slip Stream 6ft Air Hockey Table This stunning black and silver Slip Stream 6ft air hockey table would be a wonderful addition to any home. Not only does it look fantastic but it is constructe ... AIR KING
£119.99 See offer
Gamesson 4ft Shark Air Hockey Table Air hockey is one of the most fun and accessible games in the arcade, but little ones often struggle with adult-sized pushers. Not only that, but many tables ar ...
£99.99 See offer
Gamesson Blue LFoot 5 foot Air Hockey Table Folding leg system for easily storing the table to one side when not in use Electronic scoreboard which makes sure that every goal is counted Blue high glossy p ...
£219.00 See offer
Gamesson Spectrum 6 foot Air Hockey Table open in new window Unique, modern feel with its curved legs and body Stylish black playing surface Electronic display Designed for home use Free accessories
£399.99 See offer
Gamesson Coliseum 7 foot Air Hockey Table Robust, curved body with black finish Glossy white melamine play surface Chrome colour corners and metal goals Mains operated fan motor Supplied with accessorie ...
£599.99 See offer
Gamesson Wasp II Air Hockey Table The Gamesson Wasp II Air Hockey table top allows your children to play the game anywhere and also enables you to tidy it away when it is time for dinner. Made t ...
£69.99 See offer
Reconditioned Fast Track 8ft Commercial Air Hockey Table The SAM Fast Track is probably the most popular commercial air hockey table in the world. Commonly found in arcades, cinemas, bowling alleys and other venues, i ... BILLARES SAM
£1,995.00 See offer
Vortex Air Hockey Table 7ft The Vortex is one of the largest home air hockey tables available. At 7ft in length, its 240v fan produces a very powerful airflow which makes the puck glide ac ... MIGHTYMAST
£619.00 See offer
Tekscore Jet 6ft Air Hockey Table The Jet has a sturdy build and sleek design with a playfield perforated with more than 2,000 holes. The perfect airflow is supplied by a powerful 240V fan allow ... TEKSCORE
£299.00 See offer
Strikeworth TriSport Multi Games Table Pool Air Hockey & Foosball This multi games table gives you access to table football, pool and air hockey in one innovative pyramid-shaped design that allows you to switch between games q ... STRIKEWORTH
£295.00 See offer
7ft Air Hockey Table w Aluminium Rails by Strikeworth Get the whole family involved with the Pro Ice 7ft air hockey table. It's wide enough for four players to play simultaneously and is surrounded with an aluminiu ... STRIKEWORTH
£469.00 See offer
BCE Typhoon 6ft Folding Air Hockey Table The Folding 6ft Air Hockey table incorporates a vertical folding leg system allowing the table to be stored unobtrusively when not in use. Stunning design combi ... PODIUM 4 SPORT
£354.00 See offer
Table Air Hockey •Enjoy hockey on your coffee table•Two pucks, two discs and one table•The perfect party game!•Compact, stylish and portable•Suitable for playing on any flat sur ...
£9.99 See offer
Turbo Air Hockey Table The turbo Air Hockey Table is an exciting freestanding hockey game. Fast moving action for two players. The puck floats on a cushion of air and travels at grea ... PODIUM 4 SPORT
£238.80 See offer
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