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Bramley Apple Tree Gift Send a Bramley Apple tree as a gift to supply lovely Bramley Apples to cook Apple pies with every Autumn. Our Bramley Apple Trees are UK pot grown. Each tree ha ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Family Apple Tree 1 apple tree An entire orchard on just one tree! Family fruit trees have three different varieties grafted onto one stem, which will pollinate each other and crop at dif ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£29.99 See offer
Dwarf Red Love Apple Tree Gift The red love apple tree gift is just perfection! What is a better symbol of love than the vibrant red flesh of this stunning apple variety. What makes this gift ...
£46.99 See offer
Crab Apple Tree Gift The Crab Apple Tree or the 'Tree of Love' as it was known to the Ancient Celts.One of our most popular trees, the Crab Apple is the Original British Apple Tree. ...
£24.50 See offer
James Grieve Apple Tree Gift The James Grieve apple tree is a self pollinating tree that produces yellow apples that are good for both cooking with and eating straight from the tree. The J ...
£49.99 See offer
Katy Apple Tree Gift The Katy apple tree is a great little cider machine. The Katy apple is a bright red apple that has a great sweet juice taste with an acidic twist. It is great ...
£49.99 See offer
Dwarf Apple Tree Gift Who says you need a garden to grow your own apples? Send a Dwarf Apple Tree Gift to grow happily in a pot outdoors. If you are worried about space when sending ...
£46.99 See offer
Golden Delicious Apple Tree Gift A deliciously golden apple tree gift to send for any occasion. The Golden Delicious apple tree provides one of our best loved fruits that are at their finest w ...
£49.99 See offer
Love you Mum Tree Box Your Mum is the ultimate love that you will share for the rest of your life. The gift that is given should encapsulate that perfectly, with the Crab Apple tree ...
£32.99 See offer
Apple Bramley Seedling MM106 Tree 15L The Bramley Apple Tree produces a traditional orchard apple towards the end of the season with a sharp tangy flavour. Producing the most popular commercial and ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Laxtons Superb MM106 Tree 15L The Laxtons Superb orchard apple tree produces a late season dessert apple which is very juicy and has a very sweet flavour. This tree should be flowering by ar ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Golden Delicious MM106 Tree 15L The Golden Delicious Apple Tree is a good bearer, producing dessert apples with a sweet and juicy flavour between August and November. The Golden Delicious appl ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Granny Smith MM106 Tree 15L The Granny Smith Apple tree produces probably the most popular choice of apple in Britain! The crisp and juicy flavour from this dessert apple is produced betwe ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Greensleeves MM106 Tree 15L The Greensleeves apple tree produces orchard apples mid-way during the season. Renowned for their crisp and juicy flavour, these refreshing apples are simply ir ...
£49.99 See offer
Royal Gala Apple Tree Gift The Royal Gala is cute little apple tree gift and produces one of the Nations best loved apples. Core blimey our Royal Gala apple tree is a gift that you are g ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Lord Lambourne MM106 Tree 15L The Lord Lambourne Orchard Apple tree produces lovely red/green apples which tend to come earlier on in the season and have a very full, crisp flavour. When thi ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Jupiter MM106 Tree 15L The Jupiter apple tree is an excellent orchard tree and with it producing extremely crisp, juicy apples it?s a perfect choice for any orchard or garden. This ap ...
£49.99 See offer
Easter Egg Tree Gift Order an Easter Egg Tree Gift for a novel and fat-free way to celebrate Easter this year. Choose from one of 4 English grown fruit trees that are packed up alon ...
£39.99 See offer
Falstaff Apple Tree Gift Our Falstaff Apple tree will make a delightful gift for someone who loves eating apples. Crisply Falstaff Apples are also really good for making home made apple ...
£49.99 See offer
Winter Gem Apple Tree Gift Our Winter Gem apple tree gift is a little gem of a gift. The Winter Gem apple tree is a modern English apple tree that was developed in the 1990's. It is the ...
£49.99 See offer
Braeburn Apple Tree Gift The Braeburn apple tree gift is the perfect fruity gift for those who love their apples crisp and sweet. Probably one of the nations favourite commercial apples ...
£49.99 See offer
Apple Pixirosso 1 root wrap apple tree A real gem! When fully ripe, the fresh, crisp flesh is a spectacular bright pink-red colour, with dramatic white flashes running through it. Unlike many ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£27.99 See offer
Apple Golden Delicious (Mini Fruit Tree) 1 apple plant in 9cm pot Enjoy the sweet golden skinned fruit from this dwarf apple tree. Specially bred dwarf variety, producing large dessert apples on stems reaching only 1m (3&# ... VAN MEUWEN
£12.99 See offer
Apple Braeburn 1 bare root apple tree Braeburn is a first class dessert apple - crisp without being hard, and very juicy. This variety can be harvested in October and stores very well. Braeburn ... VAN MEUWEN
£19.99 See offer
Apple Duo 1 rootwrapped apple tree Duo fruit trees have two varieties, which pollinate each other, grafted onto one stem to create a space-saving tree. Now you can grow a selection of tasty a ... VAN MEUWEN
£19.99 See offer
Apple Golden Delicious (Mini Fruit Tree) 1 x 9cm potted apple plant A versatile garden variety in the warmer parts of the UK, Apple 'Golden Delicious' can be used as both a dessert and a cooking apple. It produces good y ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£14.99 See offer
Apple James Grieve 1 root wrap apple tree Amazing 'dual-purpose' apple! A cooking variety that turns into a dessert apple! Harvest 'James Grieves' in early to mid-Septemb ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£24.99 See offer
Crab Apple Royalty 1 root wrap crab apple tree open in new window Deep pink flowers, followed by brightred-purple fruits. Self fertile. Very decorative tree when in leaf, bloom or in fruit. Deep mahogany leaves THOMPSON & MORGAN
£26.99 See offer
Apple Egremont Russet 1 root wrap apple tree A mid-season dessert apple producing a heavy crop of distinctive russet-bronze fruits, with firm, crisp flesh and a rich, nutty flavour. An excellent ap ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£26.99 See offer
Apple Bramleys Seedling 1 root wrap apple tree The most famous cooking apple of all, producing large fruits with a sharp acidic flavour that are ideal for making delicious pies and crumbles. Awarded an RHS A ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£19.99 See offer
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