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Assos T.equipe_s7 Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts S7 - The Game ChangerAssos S7 range is not just a simple update of the previous S5 series. The six years since the release of the S5 range have seen Assos' ... ASSOS
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Assos T.cento_s7 Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts Mille has been eliminated. There is no successor.These shorts feature the newly designed comfortFit: less compression and a less restrictive fit on the waist an ... ASSOS
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Assos T.campionissimo_s7 Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts The Future of Bib-shorts. Now. T.campionissimo versus traditional shorts is a bit like a supersonic jet versus a steampowered locomotive. T.campionissimo advant ... ASSOS
£285.00 View Product
Assos T.tiburu_s7 Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts Belgian legend of the 1980's Freddy Maertens, a two-time world champion, asked ASSOS to create a heavier bibshort that could be used for tough autumn riding ... ASSOS
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Assos Womens H.laalaLai_s7 Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts This short provides women who want enhanced performance, a clean look, the perfect fit, and total comfort when in the saddle. Being a waist short it's ideal ... ASSOS
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Assos T.rally_s7 MTB Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts These bib shorts feature a unique design which incorporates impact pads and have been designed specifically for these shorts. They are located on the hip bone p ... ASSOS
£215.00 View Product
Assos Womens T.laalaLai_s7 Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts Game Changing Comfort for Women RidersThese are the first female-specific S7 bib shorts from Assos. After changing the game for the men, Assos have now develope ... ASSOS
£150.00 View Product
Assos H.mille_s7 Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts They're ASSOS, so the H.mille_S7 Shorts still use the exact same high quality materials and technologies as their higher level shorts. However to offer grea ... ASSOS
£99.99 View Product
Assos H.rallyBoxer_s7 Under Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts Assos Heads Off-RoadMountain biking is new territory for ASSOS – as are baggy riding shorts. By combining them with the all-new H.rallyBoxer_S7, you will not on ... ASSOS
£90.00 View Product
Assos H.rallycargo_s7 Shorts Baggy Cycling Shorts High Performance Off-RoadWhen used in conjunction with Assos' H.rallyBoxer_S7, the H.rallycargo_s7 shorts bring S7 generation comfort and performance in a c ... ASSOS
£149.99 View Product
Assos Womens T.rally_s7 MTB Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts Assos Comfort Comes to Rough TrailsThese are the first uniquely female, high performance mountain bike shorts from Assos. Taking all of the knowledge from their ... ASSOS
£265.00 View Product
Assos T.mille_S7 Bib Shorts Lycra Cycling Shorts With the S7 generation of the industry-leading pad and fit technology at its core, these shorts bring you the ultimate in comfort at a great value price. W ... ASSOS
£100.00 View Product
Assos Womens HK.laalaLai_s7 Knickers Lycra Cycling Shorts Recommended UseDesigned for those cooler times in the summer months, these knicks work perfectly with all Assos products in this climaRange. Paired with a sprin ... ASSOS
£145.00 View Product
Assos CS.Uno_s5 Chronosuit Lycra Cycling Shorts Once created by special request for professional riders, cS.Uno is now available to everyone! Made from low air resistance spandex and breathable, 4-way stretch ... ASSOS
£160.00 View Product
Assos T.Cento S7 Bib Shorts Assos T.Cento S7 Bib Shorts High performance, ultra-long distance shorts, tailored for the cycling body Less compression and a less restrictive fit around the w ... ASSOS
£205.00 View Product
Assos T Equipe S7 Bib Shorts Assos T Equipe S7 Bib Shorts The game has changed, again! The comfort revolution continues..... After six years of S5, Assos presents the new industry benchmark ... ASSOS
£123.50 View Product
Assos T.Neopro S7 Bib Shorts Assos T.Neopro S7 Bib Shorts; S7 entry level shorts with a regular, all-round fit. - The T.Neopro is ideally suited for frequent riders or those wanting to ente ... ASSOS
£104.50 View Product
Assos Chamois Cream (140ml) Chamois Cream ASSOS Chamois Crème reduces friction and cools the skin for a fresh, comfortable feel. It also prevents inflammation and irritation due to its antibacteria ... ASSOS
£12.99 View Product
ASSOS LL 716 Bonka S5 BiblongSmallBlack Assos LL 716, Bonka S5, BiblongThe next generation ASSOS S5 full-length bibtight for cold Winter riding conditions. It features warm ASSOS RX_Plus and wind bloc ...
£269.99 View Product
ASSOS Uno S7 KneeWarmersII Assos Uno S7, Knee Warmersaccessories that have been engineered with a simpler approach. They are ideally suited for the young, racing cyclist.The UNO warmers a ...
£38.99 View Product
Assos iJ.tiBuru.4 Insulator Jacket Assos iJ.tiBuru.4 Insulator Jacket It's the newly created ASSOS longsleeve insulator jacket, the spiritual successor to the elementOne. iJ.tibuRu.4 is your seco ... ASSOS
£145.00 View Product
Assos hL.607 Lady S5 FI Lady Tight SS16 Assos hL 607 Lady S5 FI Lady TighthK. Providing total comfort and fulfilling your expectation of excellence can be achieved only through a design process that u ... ASSOS
£68.51 View Product
Assos Womens LL.pompaDour_s5 Bib Tights Cycling Tights Technological Engineering The technical platform comes from the LL.uma that it replaces, but the pattern has been revised, inspired by the legendary LL.716, fea ... ASSOS
£224.57 View Product
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